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Why you should raise your Long Island home.

There are a couple of reasons you should seek an experienced Long Island House Lifter to help you lift your home. Here are two main reasons:

1. Government Funding Help

For homes that have incurred flood-related damage, FEMA may fund up to $30,000 through ICC coverage to help pay for elevation, relocation, and demolition. Some cities and states offer additional tax incentives to elevate houses above the BFE.

2. Reduced Flood Insurance Premiums

For homes in a high-risk flood area, elevating one foot above the BFE reduces annual insurance premiums by 30%. Lifting a house three feet above the BFE saves up to 60% on premiums. Homeowners save $15,000 to $100,000 on flood insurance premiums throughout a 30-year mortgage.

Long Island House Lifting Experts

Raising a home above the floodplain reduces the risk of flood damage and lowers insurance premiums by 30% to 60%. FEMA recommends raising the lowest floor to at least one foot above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE), so the living area is above all but the most severe floods. Check the Risk MAP to see if you’re in a flood zone and look up the BFE to determine the required elevation.

Piers used in house lifting projects must be reinforced with steel bars to prevent flood damage. Wood posts are the least expensive and reinforced concrete columns or masonry block costs more. Posts are placed into drilled holes and then reinforced with a concrete pad or encased in concrete.